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  1. Apple

Christina Shinkle: lead vocals, piano
Sam Potter: guitars, bass, back up vocals
Mike Kosacek: drums

Mixed by Sam Potter at Bel Giro Studios

Produced by Christina Shinkle and Sam Potter

Mastered by Aaron Hubbard


© Christina Shinkle and Sam Potter, 2016. All rights reserved.

Verse 1
What happened to my buddy?
What happened to my friend?
You’ve gone electric and magnetic and I’m
Bent on and intent on you

Well My Lord walked on water
But I’m walking on air
There’s a pheromone cloud that’s fallen thick and heavy around here
It’s a shock to the system and I desire you

Jesus sent me on a mission
he told me to go fishing he said: “Go and Catch your man”
But he didn’t give me a fishing pole
He put an apple in my hand

Verse 2
I’m gonna call you
Out on your lie
You keep telling yourself that I like you for your mind
We walk around this block alot

You stay in your head
And you ask if I’m really
I know a vibe when I see it, and honey here’s the deal
A wind up of this size takes two

The bishop and the teacher, ex-best friend and gutless preacher
They’ve all got something to say
They disapprove and they’ve got reasons and a lot of noise and meanness
But the clergy aren’t in charge of the Judgement Day

Verse 3
Siren song
or divine wake up call
The best thing that ever happened or the cause of your fall?
Go on and write your own story

Free will has it
That this hot seats for you
The altar call has your name on it what will you do?
Come hell or high water my offer is true

Jesus sent me on a mission...