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  1. Sandpaper Beach

Sandpaper Beach (4:14)
by Christina Shinkle and Sam Potter

Christina Shinkle: vocals, piano, and keyboards
Sam Potter: guitars, bass, tambourine (listen for rubbed tambourine...)
Mike Kosacek: drums

Produced by Christina Shinkle and Sam Potter

Mixed by Sam Potter at Bel Giro Studios

Mastered by Aaron Hubbard at Archived Recordings


Sandpaper Beach
© Christina Shinkle and Sam Potter 2016 all rights reserved.

Stick a fork in it
and call it done
We both feel the same
so why am I the one?
Cast as the scapegoat
carrying guilt
The Scarlet Letter is the letter “L”
I already know how it’s gonna go
The jaws of life are gonna wreck the car
I just need to pause and let it sink in
That I’ve got the job of Leaver
I won’t be your yo-yo anymore
Push me out and pull me in
Visions of lawyers and moving vans
How did this happen?
The ocean barfs driftwood and debris
There’s warning signs about undertow
I walk the line of sea scum
It’s difficult
It’s difficult
It’s difficult to climb into the catapult
I already know…
To have and to hold to fold and implode
A layer of frost covers me
And everything’s cold and I’m feeling old
And I walk barefoot on a sandpaper beach
I wait for the divorce fairy to come
I lay out paperwork and cigarettes
I light a pyre for the hallmark card
I stand as a penitent
O God
O God
O God there’s only my footprints on this beach
and I don’t need to be carried
But my innocence is gone and I’m jaded please help me
I already know...