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  1. Nice

Nice (3:24) - Christina Shinkle

Christina Shinkle: vocals, piano, organ and keyboards
Sam Potter: guitars, bass
Mike Kosacek: drums

Produced by Christina Shinkle and Sam Potter

Mixed by Sam Potter at Bel Giro Studios
Mastered by Aaron Hubbard at Archived Recordings


© Christina Marie Joan Shinkle 2012. All rights reserved.
From too much to handle, unpairable me
to unwound and deeply content
I rest and I bask in your sweet company
In you I’m very well met
Unlikely according to probability
and good friends and well meaning family
they did not forecast the wonder you’d be
the goodness of fit, the rightness of we

Your caliber of nice is high
I find you nice
I had enough heart left to try
one good try
My lover, my other, my equal, my friend
my home, my beloved companion
you’re well worth the wait, my most excellent man
you’re more than I hoped for and then some
Some might accuse me of losing my edge
of becoming domesticated
but peaceful is not the same things as tame
and feminist does not require constant pain