Songs From Cairns EP

A Piece of Sky 
© Christina Shinkle 2013. All rights reserved. 

 A piece of sky 
a chunk of earth 
they lie and lodge in us 

A piece of sky 
a chunk of earth 
they lie and lodge in us 

We are star born and we’re made of dirt 
who knew the new thing would be hard to learn? 

and all of my muscling 
is making it worse 
trying to force this 
is not gonna work 

And I’m frustrated and dislocated 
with nothing to show 
and I shed answers and compost disasters 
and I feel undressed saying “I don’t know” 

A piece of sky… 

Chaos is moving and pushing us on 
beyond the places we’ve already gone 
crashed plans and mashed plans 
by the side of the road 
I’m ditching agendas 
to lighten the load 

And certainty and guarantees 
are fading away 
and to systematic theologians I am waving bye bye 
and I feel OK 

  A piece of sky... 


© Christina Shinkle, 2012. All rights reserved. 

Verse 1 
From too much to handle, unpair-able me 
to unwound and deeply content 
I rest and I bask in your sweet company 
in you I’m very well met 

Unlikely according to probability 
and good friends and well meaning family 
they did not forecast the wonder you’d be 
the goodness of fit, the rightness of we 

your caliber of nice is high 
I find you nice 

I had enough heart left to try 
one good try 

Verse 2 
My lover, my other, my equal, my friend 
my home, my beloved companion 
you’re well worth the wait, my most excellent man 
you’re more than I hoped for and then some 

Some might accuse me of losing my edge 
of becoming domesticated 
but peaceful is not the same things as tame 
and feminist does not require constant pain 


Sandpaper Beach 

© Christina Marie Joan Shinkle and Sam Potter, 2016. All rights reserved. 

Verse 1 
Stick a fork in it 
and call it done 
we both feel the same 
so why am I the one? 

Cast as the scapegoat 
carrying guilt 
the Scarlet Letter is the letter “L” 

I already know how it’s gonna go 
the jaws of life are gonna wreck the car 
I just need to pause and let it sink in 
that I’ve got the job of Leaver 

Verse 2 
I won’t be your yo-yo anymore 
push me out and pull me in 
visions of lawyers and moving vans 
how did this happen? 

The ocean barfs driftwood and debris 
there’s warning signs about undertow 
I walk the line of sea scum 

It’s difficult 
it’s difficult 
it’s difficult to climb into the catapult 

I already know… 

To have and to hold to fold and implode 
a layer of frost covers me 
and everything’s cold and I’m feeling old 
and I walk barefoot on a sandpaper beach 

Verse 3 
I wait for the divorce fairy to come 
I lay out paperwork and cigarettes 
I light a pyre for the hallmark card 
I stand as a penitent 

O God 
o God 
o God there’s only my footprints on this beach 
and I don’t need to be carried 
but my innocence is gone and I’m jaded please help me 

I already know...


© Christina Shinkle and Sam Potter, 2016. All rights reserved. 

Verse 1 
What happened to my buddy? 
What happened to my friend? 
you’ve gone electric and magnetic and I’m 
bent on and intent on you 

Well My Lord walked on water 
but I’m walking on air 
there’s a pheromone cloud that’s fallen thick and heavy around here 
it’s a shock to the system and I desire you 

Jesus sent me on a mission 
he told me to go fishing he said: “Go and Catch your man” 
but he didn’t give me a fishing pole 
he put an apple in my hand 

Verse 2 
I’m gonna call you 
out on your lie 
you keep telling yourself that I like you for your mind 
we walk around this block a lot 

You stay in your head 
and you ask if I’m really 
I know a vibe when I see it, and honey here’s the deal 
a wind up of this size takes two 

The bishop and the teacher, ex-best friend and gutless preacher 
they’ve all got something to say 
they disapprove and they’ve got reasons and a lot of noise and meanness 
but the clergy aren’t in charge of the Judgement Day 

Verse 3 
Siren song 
or divine wake up call 
best thing that ever happened or the cause of your fall? 
go on and write your own story 

Free will has it 
this hot seat's for you 
the altar call has your name on it what will you do? 
come hell or high water my offer is true 

Jesus sent me on a mission...

I took this photo at Yellowstone at the base of Mount Washburn.

I took this photo at Yellowstone at the base of Mount Washburn.

Surrender All 

© Christina Shinkle, 2013. All rights reserved. 

Surrender All 
let it all go 
give it up, give it over 
watch it fall 

Release your grip 
reluctant mystic 
be filled with wonder 
take your first step, start your fall 

Your house of cards 
is due to come down 
it’s on its last straw 
it’s on its final round 

So you stay, but at what cost? 
if things are great, why do you feel lost? 
maybe you fool everybody 
but you don’t fool me 
usually trapped animals 
would prefer to be free 

Come back to center, abide in your skin 
despite the bad press, leaving is not a sin 

Surrender All… 

Verse 2 
Life in a poster’s flat 
on a pedestal is cold 
watch out for when people sign you 
up to be their hero 

I don’t know how your story ends 
but here is where it’s trying to begin 
you can’t stay here there are places 
that you need to go 
pay attention to the signs 
that point you towards your road 

The knot in your gut comes to you as a friend 
it’s hoping that you will decide to tune in 

And hear the call 
hear the call 
hear the call 
hear the call 

Surrender All... 

Be filled with wonder 
take your first step, start your fall