Please join us at the Den on November 17 at 7pm for an extra special Songwriter’s Showcase. This one is a biggie. 

The organization Meetup is making a video about Songwriters in Seattle. Their film crew will be doing interviews with songwriters, going to our events, and they will be shooting the SiS Songwriter Showcase at the Den. I am hosting.

Come help us make this video! People who attend will need to sign a release for use of their likeness in video.  

Songwriters in Seattle is a bastion of support and encouragement for local songwriters. For many of us, SiS has made a huge difference in our creative arc. Attending the events during the weekend of November 17-19 is a way to support SiS.

The It's-Going-To-Be-Epic SiS Songwriters Showcase 
Saturday November 17 at 7pm
The Den Coffee House & Cafe 
10415 Beardslee Blvd 
Bothell, WA 98011 

Performer Line Up: 
7:00 Abby London ( 
7:30 Doug DeJoe ( 
8:00 Andrew Smith ( 
8:30 Christina Shinkle (host) ( 

This particular SiS showcase is a celebration of the Songwriters in Seattle community, and all that we have built together.  

See you there!

Patreon streaming show:  
Saturday August 25  
at 9:30am 

Streaming show for Patreon peeps.*  

*What is Patreon? It is a platform where artists can share on-going creations directly with their supporters.  It is sort of like a subscription; it is more like helpful grass roots love for musicians and people who draw and build robots and etc.... It is community and on-going relationship. 

SATURDAY August 18 7pm 

Songwriters in Seattle Songwriter Showcase 

The Den Coffee House & Cafe 
10415 Beardslee Blvd 
Bothell, WA 98011 

All ages + free 




Concert Window Show

I will be streaming from my basement and you can watch/listen to the show on your computer or on your phone (there is a Concert Window app). 

Name your price! $1 and up

Get tickets at:

The Songwriters in Seattle Showcase at the Den happens on the 3rd Saturday of every month, and it features a very high caliber of local songwriting talent. Come enjoy live music, be a patron of the arts, bring whomever you would like. All ages + free  

The Den is an inviting space with a nice stage and good vibe. It is a coffee shop + food. We will also be streaming the show via Facebooklive on the Songwriters in Seattle webpage.  

Saturday, July 21, 7-9pm PST  
Songwriters in Seattle Showcase  
The Den Coffee House & Cafe  
10415 Beardslee Blvd  
Bothell, WA 98011