Hi there!

So you are thinking about piano lessons? I teach piano lessons. I teach lessons in Seattle in my own studio, and I've got 20+ years experience. I teach both locally and on-line. 

I am an especially good fit as a teacher for those who are wanting to learn songwriting skills, theory and chords, improvisation, and how to play in bands. Some of my personal values are kindness, respect, and humor.

A little about me
These days as an artist, I am focusing on my own writing and performing. I am an active songwriter and I often live stream my shows.

My degrees are in jazz piano. I studied Jazz Piano at Interlochen Arts Academy and Studio Music and Jazz Performance at the University of Miami (and graduated from both places). I have worked as a side person for original artists, and I have toured.

How I Teach
I teach music like a language - I teach my students to read, write, and also to have basic improv/composition skills through games and exercises. I hope for lessons to be fun and comfortable, and I support people  - both kids and grown ups - in playing the songs and genre of music they want to learn. I don't do recitals, and I seek to adapt how I teach to an individual's goals and learning style. I enjoying working with both beginners and advanced students. 

Kids normally need help getting the routine of practice (lol - so do grown ups!). This looks different from kid to kid and household to household. It takes some figuring out, perseverance, and strategic parental involvement. 

Payment and Scheduling: 
My current rates are: 
$35 for a 30 minute lesson 
$50 for a 45 minute lesson 
$70 for a 60 minute lesson 

People usually pay for the month of lessons at the beginning of the month. This is easiest for my book keeping.

Weekly lessons are recommended as the lesson pattern. Weekly lessons provide student support and continuity. There are some families who choose to take every other week lessons, and I am willing to do that. 

I schedule folks on a month to month basis, so if you know you are going to be gone, you don't need to pay for that week. I have a 24hr cancellation policy, where if you can give me 24hrs advance notice, we can either schedule a make up lesson or bank the lesson credit towards the next month.  

I recommend 30 minute lessons for kids and beginners, and 60 minute lessons for advanced or very driven learners. Length of lesson depends on what feels good to the student, what their goals are, and how long they can hold focus in a one-on-one learning environment. 

Teaching days are Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

I look forward to talking to you about your hopes for piano and your musical direction! Shoot me an email and we can discuss things further. You can use the form below or my good piano lesson email addy is: pianolessons@christinashinkle.com

Peace and blessings

 - Christina


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