The New Colossus 

© Christina Shinkle 2017 all rights reserved. 

Based on the poem “The New Colossus” By Emma Lazarus written in 1883 

Mother of Exiles
The New Colossus 
You can see her from the Brooklyn Bridge 

A mighty woman 
Doesn’t use intimidation 
She stands and receives immigrants 
Bring me your tired and your poor 
Bring me your huddled masses     yearning 
To breathe free 

Send them on to me 
I’ll show them hospitality 
If you need a new start 
Come and see me 

Welcome to the New World 
Welcome to the New World 
Welcome to the New World 
Says Lady Liberty 

This land and its people 
Have been helping new arrivals 
We’ve done this for centuries 

Most of us are not from here 
Have we forgotten our own stories? 
We Don’t Handcuff Refugees 

Lightning’s imprisoned in her torch 
For her throwdown she’s holding open 
The Golden Door 

Send them on to me… 

Welcome to the New World… 

Welcome to the New World...