Back Porch 
Sam Potter and Christina Shinkle 
© 2016 all rights reserved 

Back Porch 
Faded photographs 
Summers and faces streaming past 

It does not matter what age I am 
Say line up by height 
And I’m back in a row with my cousins again 

In the Midwest 
You learn to read family subtitles 
I love you so comes out as 
Come back soon 
And I’m going to miss you gets stuck tight 
And ends up trapped inside of 
I’ll try not to let you down 

The sidewalk tastes like rain 
Inside it’s going to be pot roast again 

Marbles, Hydrox 
and Western paperbacks 
At Grandma’s house we do the dishes by hand 

In the Midwest... 

The town’s got trains and a river too 
Migrations of grandkids fly on through 
Our visits bear the weight of moving away 
And the What If 
 of what if we'd stayed 

Back porch 
Almost time to leave 
Car’s packed - I dart back in for a final pee 

On last days 
The ritual is the same 
We line up by height on the stoop and cameras take their aim 

In the Midwest...