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Christina Shinkle is a Seattle-based singer songwriter keyboard player and she is actively in the throes of learning the skill of self-releasing her own music. It is a very exciting, very full, very learn-y time.

Her Debut EP, Cairns, is available on Bandcamp and for streaming and following on Spotify.

Listeners have said Christina reminds them of  Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Laura Nyro, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Aimee Mann and Natalie Merchant. Christina herself would have a hard time labeling her sound - she likes many styles of music and borrows with impunity.

The Haiku version of the Bio: 

Earth muffin who shaves 
Vintage spiritual seeker 
Middle age goes Boom

Christina is influenced by Celts, mystics, the 1960s, mushrooms/mycelium, contemporary spirituality, books, the Green commerce movement, Permaculture design, people who love to cook, and and growing up in the culture of the Northwest.

She lives with her beloved family and her Australian Shepherd, Murphy, in Seattle.  In addition to songwriting, she has the best day job ever with Green Cleaning Seattle where she supervises staff.

She also teaches private piano lessons to kids and grown ups, with an emphasis on how to improvise and use chords as well as read music. There is a new page on the website for people interested in piano lessons. She will also be offering on-line piano lessons starting January 2018.

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Murphy is a dog
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Sign up for Christina's mailing list

Christina's EP, Cairns, is available on Bandcamp.

Christina's EP, Cairns, is available on Bandcamp.